STEAM education

about teaching programming

Group Member: Yuen Sin Ming

Supervisor: Dr. Choi Yi King

Product idea

Creating a game that can play and learn

The deliverable of this project will be a programming teaching game for STEAM education. It introduces different programming concepts like looping and condition. In this version, this game focuses on the fundamental concept

Inside the game, users need to understand the given information, like dialogue and task-related concepts. Then, the user needs to forge the required concepts based on the requirements from the tasks or character description

What We Do

Projective Direction


Achieve the Learning through play learning method


Easy to use and simplify the concept combination of concept by using block programming

Sense of Accomplishment

Users should know their learning process through the game

Here is the sample game demonstration

  • Start Page

    When user enter the game they can see the start page which include out game title

  • Leaderboard page

    leaderboard is provided to show the learning progress of the user

    Tutorial Panel

    User can access the tutorial panel to understand more about the game content

    Task Chosen Page

    User can click the component to enter the corresponding task. Noticed that you cannot skip the task before entering the next task.

    Task Page

    Users will finishing their tasks by using different system provided like dialogue and hint system on the left hand side to understand the task

    Concept Search Page

    Users can understand more about the concepts using this system

    Search & Forge

    Users can drag the concept from search system to forge system to start their concept modification!

    Submit System

    After finishing the concept combination, let’s submit and check their correctness!