Inbox Genius: Your Next Productive Email Client

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  • Project Report & Presentation Slides

    Project Report By the request of our supervisor and the requirements of the course, our overall project report takes the form of 4 individual reports where each report’s contents do not overlap with each other. As a result, combining them will form one large, comprehensive report of the whole project. The following are the 4…

  • Project Video, Poster & Code Repositories

    Project Video Below is a 2-minute pitch video describing our solution and the problem it solves. Project Poster Project Code Repositories Please click the link to be redirected to our GitHub organization where all of our work and documentation are published:

  • Project Plan

    Introduction Despite the fast-paced evolution of technology in this age, email remains one of the most prominent communication tools on the market, especially for work [1]. According to a survey-based report by Gated, 82% of people stated that email is their primary source of internal communication at work, with each work email receiving an average…