A Mobile Application to Help Children to Avoid Cybercrime — Cyber Wizard

Project Background

Cybercrime, including telephone deception and online scams, is becoming increasingly common in Hong Kong in the digital age. Internet-related deception cases accounted for over 70% of the total reported cases in 2022. The majority of the cases are placed on the internet, which emphasizes the significant seriousness of cybercrime.

Children are one of the easy targets for cybercriminals because they are vulnerable to online threats due to their lack of experience and knowledge about safe online practices. The consequence of cybercrime for children can be significant, encompassing not only financial losses but also a threat to personal safety from severe crimes such as online sexual threats.

The application in this project covers the lack in the current market, as mentioned above. It provides a range of features to protect users from cybercrime which covers both features of Scameter and junk call applications. This solution is purposefully designed for children’s appeal and engagement, both in terms of its features and interface design.

Project Objectives

There are 5 objectives of the project:

  1. To mitigate the potential exposure of children to cybercrime through a mobile application
  2. To provide user-friendly phone call screening feature and malicious data checking features in one application
  3. To promote childrens awareness and understanding of online threa ts, as well as fostering the adoption of safe online practices
  4. To enable parents to monitor their childrens mobile phone activity to ensure their safety and well-being
  5. To provide a children-friendly UI and UX for users


Project Member

Tam Tsz Ching


  • Supervisor: Dr. Chim, Tat Wing
  • Second Examiner: Prof. Zhao, Hengshuang



Detailed Project Plan

Interim Report

Final Report

(password: fyp23043)