Proposed Tokenomics

The proposed blockchain-based gaming project introduces a dual token system, comprising a currency token and a governance token, to address the challenges identified in the case study of Axie Infinity, particularly the issue of hyperinflation. The currency token, selected as USDT on the Solana network, functions as a stable medium of exchange for in-game assets. This choice leverages USDT’s existing infrastructure and reputation, ensuring stability, reducing technical and financial risks, and promoting user adoption by utilizing a recognized and trusted stablecoin.

The governance token, central to the project’s ecosystem, plays a key role in the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) using a quadratic voting system. Transaction fees generated from the trading of game assets are collected in the DAO’s treasury and redistributed among the governance token holders. This setup not only incentivizes game asset issuers by awarding them new governance tokens proportional to the transaction fees they generate but also motivates them to enhance the game’s features and utilities to attract more transactions. This method supports sustainable ecosystem growth by fostering competition among providers and ensuring active participation from other stakeholders like developers.

The governance model is designed to balance power among various stakeholders. Developers, as initial recipients of governance tokens, are encouraged to contribute actively to the ecosystem due to the financial rewards tied to the transaction fees. The quadratic voting method within the DAO ensures that decision-making is democratized, preventing disproportionate influence by large token holders and facilitating equitable participation across the community. This structure is anticipated to maintain a balanced distribution of power, crucial for the long-term success and adaptability of the gaming platform. The project’s approach integrates robust economic strategies with innovative blockchain technologies to create a sustainable, decentralized gaming economy that aligns the interests of all participants towards collective growth.

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