A Note Taking System For Your Favorite Editor


Being a CLI (Command Line Interface) program written in Haskell, Ants is meant to run on any platform.


Developed in native frameworks and by decoupling GUI (Graphic User Interface), Ants has high performance and low memory and storage consumption.


Featuring a CLI program and a language server, Ants works well with any modern code editor that supports LSP (Language Server Protocol).

Feature Highlights

Implemented in Haskell

Developed in Haskell, an advanced pure functional programming language.

Extensive Markdown Grammar Support

Not only common markdown but an extensive set of markdown syntax extensions are supported.

Language Server

A language server that supports auto-completion, find-references, go-to-definition, and hover.

Advanced Filters

Feature-rich filters that support fuzzy findings and regular expression.
A query language is designed to handle complex queries.

Mind Map Generator

Generate mind maps from the notes.

Creating Notes from Templates

Efficiently generate new notes from templates.