Multipurpose Online Coding Assessment Platform (MOCAP) 

Multipurpose Online Coding Assessment Platform (MOCAP) is a web-based platform that aims to eliminate the need for students to individually configure their coding environments when completing course coding assignments.

To complete course coding assignments, students need to set up a coding environment on their local machines. However, issues might arise when setting up the environment due to discrepancies in libraries, dependencies, operating systems, and hardware. These differences can lead to problems when running assignments in markers’ environments, resulting in disputes between students and teachers.

To address this problem, MOCAP provides a solution by hosting a web platform that offers a customizable coding environment using Docker. Docker ensures environment consistency and replicability, thereby eliminating the problems arising from discrepancies in libraries, dependencies, and operating systems.


Dr. Chim, Tat Wing


Wong Chung Wai
Tseung Kai Fai
Ng Cheuk Yin
Wong Chak Man