University of Hong Kong | FITE4801 Final Year Project

Real-time monitoring of social media sentiment for detecting operational incidents in banking

By Sin Hoi Yan Melanie, Wong Nicole, Yao Yi Tung

Supervised by Dr. S. M. Yiu


Current Governance Framework

There are delays in detecting and reporting incidents which may increase potential risks and damages. Operational risk teams and regulators are coming up with RegTech solutions to enhance incident detection and reduce the impact of incidents.

Power of Artificial Intelligence

AI and ML can be used to empower RegTech solutions, enhancing automation to increase accuracy and reduce manual efforts.

Recent incidents

In the eventful 2022 and 2023, credit card fraud was reported by Hong Kong local newspaper. Memorably, the recent collapse of SVB and its aftermath might have almost triggered a global financial crisis. Ex ante, any precautions could there be to avoid these incident?


Monitoring System

We hope to development dashboard monitoring system which can allow banks and banking regulators to view insights and trends of social media mentions of banks with an alert system.

The alert system will flag anomalies and can be implemented to notify relevant parties of abnormal social media behaviour, such as sudden influx of negative comments, to trigger investigation to mitigate potential incidents in a timely manner.



Phase 1 – Data preparation

  1. Data collection
  2. Data pre-processing

Phase 2 – Developing the model

  1. Conducting correlation analysis
  2. Testing with various ML models

Phase 3 – Dashboard & Alert System Demo

  1. Designing dashboard and selecting metrics
  2. Setting up demo alert system
the team


FinTech & PPA double major with an interest in RegTech and SupTech applications.

Nicole Wong

FinTech & Politics and Public Administration 

FinTech & Marketing double major with an interest to revolutionize the banking sector through innovative technologies.

Sin Hoi Yan Melanie

FinTech & Marketing

FinTech & Material Engineering with an interest in digital transformation.

Yao Yi Tung

FinTech & Material Engineering


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