In addition to weekly internal catch-up meetings on Fridays, actions items are listed below:

#DeadlineAction Items
113 Oct 2023Raw data collection
227 Oct 2023First stage of data-preprocessing: sentiment analysis on textual content with NLP models
33 Nov 2023Second stage of data pre-processing: remaining data types and cleansing of datasets
410 Nov 2023Completion of data pre-processing and classification
524 Nov 2023Correlation analysis
622 Dec 2024Interim result: discoveries from #5 and preparation of first presentation
7*8-12 Jan 2024First presenation
815 Jan 2024Preparation of Phase 2 deliverables:
1. Draft of interim report
2. Format preparation of preliminary implementation
9*21 Jan 2024Phase 2 deliverables:
1. Preliminary implementation
2. Interim report
1023 Feb 2024Construction of alerting system with machine learning model
111 Mar 2024Training and testing for better accuracy
1222 Mar 2024Dashboard integration
131 Apr 2024Draft of final presentation
148 Apr 2024Draft of final report
15*15-19 Apr 2024Final presentation
16*23 Apr 2024Phase 3 deliverables:
1. Finalised tested implementation
2. Final report
17*26 Apr 2024Project exhibition
* marked official deadline posted in Moodle