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DateDeliverables and MilestonesCurrent Progress
September 2023– Meeting with project supervisor
– Planning project
– Setting up webpage
– Obtaining API access from OpenAI
October 2023Research:
– Conducting literature review on similar applications
– Reviewing iOS app design guidelines from Apple
– Learning Swift and SwiftUI
– Inquiring with ITS about the possibility of utilizing SSO system to authenticate users and retrieve HKU Portal’s data

– Setting up GitHub Repo, iOS development environment, and Supabase
– System Design (Database, Backend Design)
November 2023Research:
– Studying the feasibility of web scraping HKU Portal or other facilities booking data

– Designing basic UI/UX with Figma
– Implementing essential backend services (Authentication, Database)
December 2023 – January 2024Implementation:
– Starting implementation of iOS app
– Implementing backend services (web scraping)
February 2024Implementation:
– Implementing backend services (Course reviews/ratings, campus events)
March 2024Implementation:
– Continue implementing backend services
April 2024Final Wrap-up:
– Implementing OpenAI APIs (Chat completions & Function Calling), Cloudflare Workers OpenAI Proxy
– Wrapping up the other missing feature
– Exhibit project, Submit final report