COMP4801 Final Year Project


Group: fyp23082

Supervisor: Prof. WU Chenshu

Second Examiner: Prof. CUI Heming

Student: LI Liuhao (UID: 3035825758)

Hong Kong’s public transportation system is a critical element of its bustling urban environment, catering to a diverse and densely packed population. This system encompasses a wide range of options, including but not limited to buses, minibuses, trams, and the Mass Transit Railway (MTR), each playing a vital role in the city’s transit infrastructure.

Despite the system’s overall efficiency, the complexity of navigating through these various modes presents challenges. In response to these challenges, the era of digital technology has seen the development of numerous mobile applications aimed at simplifying transit navigation. Yet, the varying levels of user satisfaction with these digital tools highlight a persistent need for improved solutions in navigating Hong Kong’s multifaceted public transportation network. Positioned against this backdrop, the OptiTrans project seeks to utilize technological innovations to enhance the public transportation experience, aligning with Hong Kong’s position as a technologically progressive urban center.