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AI-Driven Blockchain Forensics Detecting Anomaly Account


The rise of Blockchain have provide certain advantages to the field of financial technology, with the application of cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, the cross-border payment could be more convenient and reducing transaction cost.  However, due to the pseudo-anonymous nature of cryptocurrency, this technology become highly popular and presented in criminal activities. This has increase the difficulties in tracing and forensics. Therefore, the detection and tracing of illegal activities within blockchain is important.

To improve and increase the efficiency of detecting and identify suspicious or malicious activities in blockchain, especially cryptocurrency, an AI-Driven Blockchain Forensics application would be proposed to identify phishing account and tracing fraudulent or illicit activities on the blockchain. In addition, the application would visualize the risks, transaction history and features of the specific account. The project will leverage machine learning algorithms to enable automated analysis of existing blockchain data from specific account. The tool will focus on identifying anomalies, patterns, and correlations that can indicate potential fraudulent transactions, money laundering, or other illicit activities. The deliverables shall include mobile, web application and machine learning model. 


Improve Traceability

To Trace blockchain transaction for specific account

Detection of Anomaly Activities

To Recognize Anomaly and abnormal transaction for forensics

To Protect user from fraudulent transaction

Improve existing Models

To Compare and Evaluate various Machine Learning Model in Recognizing illegal activities

Project Progress (Schedule)




Preliminary Research

Aug – Sep 2023


Phrase 1 milestones
– Project Plan & WebPage

Aug – Sep

1st Oct 2023


Data Preparation
Oct to Nov

13th Oct 2023


Illicit Account Classifier

  • Data Preprocessing

  • Feature Extraction

  • Model Evaluation

Oct – Dec

1st Dec 2023


Phrase 2 milestones
– Interim Presentation & Report

Oct – Jan

8th – 12th Jan 2024 (1st presentation)

21st Jan 2024 (Interim Report)


Data Analysis with Graphical Visualization
Dec – Mar

1st Mar 2024


Front-End Development & Integration
Jan – Mar

11th Mar 2024


Phrase 3 milestones
– Final Presentation & Report

Mar – Apr

15-19 Apr 2024 (Final Presentation)

23th Apr 2024 (Final Report)


Project Exhibition

26th Apr 2024



Project Plan

Interim Report

Final Report

Application's Screenshots

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Project Supervisor

Dr. Chow Kam Pui

Project Author

Chow Pak Hang