Course planning and registration are integral aspects of a student’s academic journey, influencing their educational experience and future career prospects. However, the complexity involved in selecting courses, considering prerequisites, schedules, and personal preferences can be overwhelming. To address this challenge, we aim to develop a user-centric course management platform that leverages technology and machine learning. Our platform, HKU Compass, will provide personalized recommendations, centralize course information, including reviews and ratings, and optimize scheduling options, empowering students with efficient and informed decision-making capabilities and enhancing their overall satisfaction with their university experience.


Our Final Year Project (FYP) focuses on developing a user-centric course management platform for HKU students, aiming to simplify the course planning and registration process. Leveraging machine learning and data-driven insights, our platform will serve as a centralized course database, offering comprehensive information and reviews to assist students in making informed decisions. It will provide course descriptions, schedules, and detailed reviews covering aspects such as course usefulness, workload, and professor quality. 

Additionally, we plan to integrate scheduling functionality into the platform, automating the resolution of timetable conflicts and ensuring a seamless course selection experience. Furthermore, our FYP seeks to enhance the platform’s capabilities by incorporating Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques. By analyzing a student’s academic history, interests, and career goals, the platform will generate personalized course recommendations. This feature will help students optimize their course selection process based on their individual needs and aspirations. Overall, our objective is to create an intuitive, efficient, and personalized course management platform that simplifies the course planning and registration experience for HKU students, ultimately enhancing their overall satisfaction and success throughout their academic journey.