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What is our motivation

Ticket scalping & fraud negatively impact both Ticket Purchasers and Event Organizers.

Purchasers face overpriced and fraudulent tickets, leading to decreased enthusiasm for future events. Organizers suffer reputational harm and customer dissatisfaction.

To address these issues, a comprehensive revamp of the ticketing system is necessary for sustainable industry development.

Pioneering the Future

what is our goal

prevent ticket scalping

Our platform allows secure documentation & effortless traceability of ticket transactions by implementing Smart Contracts to minimize risk

Improve ticket functionality

Participants & organizers can benefit from improved convenience & personalized experiences by gaining valuable insights from our dashboard

Waste-Less Innovation

Our platform eliminates physical tickets, reducing paper waste. Participants access tickets digitally, promoting a greener event industry


what we have for you

Our platform benefits ticket purchasers & event organizers. Here’s what we’ve accomplished!

Purchaser Web

  • Event List
  • MetaMask Connection
  • Seat Selection
  • Ticket Minting
  • Immediate Transaction

Purchaser App

  • MetaMask Connection
  • Ticket Collection
  • QR Code Generation
  • Ticket Usage Confirmation

Operator web

  • Dashboard
  • Event Submission
  • Ticket Submission
  • Profile Management

Innovative Minds Brought Together

What we think

Embrace the transformative power of blockchain ticketing and let your imagination soar. Unleash curiosity, challenge norms, redefine the ticketing experience. Let’s create a future where tickets unlock extraordinary moments.

Marsha melis

Web Developer

Innovation is the key that unlocks the limitless potential of a seamless blockchain ticketing systems. With an open and innovative mindset, we revolutionize the way tickets are distributed, verified, and experienced.

Jason lam

App Developer