Course enrollment should be easy

A new version of course selection/enrollment system


Search your desired courses fast and finish your course enrollment in few clicks


Complete all the process in one page without switches


Check course details and your learning process in the same platform

We want to design a system that integrates the enrollment functions and information display to improve the experience of collecting course information and the student enrollment process.

Its purpose is to address the issue of low-efficiency control flow while adding courses to the cart and transmitting the final decision to the server. The system includes a login system, a course selection platform, a course information system, and a learning process dashboard.  It has a new user interface (UI) design. Some auxiliary functions, such as keyword searching and filtering, will be provided to the course list.


Arrange your schedule

Check your course status & Plan your semesters in one page

Course list

Make your choices

Check course details & Explore your interests & Know your eligibility immediately


See your progess

Visualize your acedemic path & Monitor your completeness

We care system performance

The system pre-loads the information so no need to spend a long time waiting for data display. We also use Redis cache to improve the response speed and release burden on the database.

Tech stack