Sharing the Past with the Public:

Augmented Reality User Experience at Archaeological Site

An innovative and educational application with XR technology


Discovery and Search of Local Attractions and Festivals

A comprehensive and informative platform of Vedi River Valley

Providing easy-to-read content with plenty of information on the geographical sites and hiking routes

Location-based Augmented Reality Navigation

Experiential travel of the tourists spots and archaeological sites

Real-time distance and direction between the user and targets

Support Android and iOS

Available on Android, IOS

Cloud syncing accounts for multiple devices integration

Our Objectives

Facilitate public education in archaeology and cultural heritage

Encourage the public to explore the Vedi Fortress by tracking down various inspiring virtual cultural heritages and artifacts

To promoter sustainable tourism development in Vedi River valley

Enhance their understanding of archaeology through hands-on experience

Promote public understanding and appreciation of cultural heritage in Armenia through public education and engagement, including tourism

3-minute Video