Group : Pang Bowen, Wang Hongyu, Li Zhuokai, Zhou Peiwen


We Hope to Make Smart Contract Easier to Everyone

This project aims to develop a model that helps individuals test their smart contracts and give suggestions about how to revise the bugs detected. The final deliverable will be a website implementing the model’s core functionalities with the following features.

What We are doing

Current Progress

Find the Proper Sample Code

The main venue of our data source will be GitHub and Etherscan. We mainly acquire codes that have received more than 1000 transactions in a week to filter out codes with low quality.

Write Crawl Data Program

Python programs are expected to be writting for crawling data. APIs of the website discussed before are about to be called.

Data Classification and Preprocessing

After collecting a certaing amount of data, comments selected or added are going to be the inputs, and codes related are going to be the expected output.