Lightweight Game Engine for

Modern C++

Lo Yu Sum

Supervisor – Oliveira Bruno

What We Do
  1. Planning
  2. Research
  3. Engine Design
  4. First Game + Engine Implementation
  5. Interim report
  6. Second Game + Engine Implementation
  7. Testing
  8. Documentation
  9. Evaluation
  10. Refinement
  11. Finalization (Final report)


Game Engine

A robust and versatile game engine that serves as the core framework for creating interactive digital experiences. The game engine should support essential functionalities such as rendering, physics, scripting, and asset management. It should be designed with extensibility and performance in mind to accommodate various game genres.

Two Game

Utilize the developed game engine to create two distinct and engaging games as showcases of its capabilities. The games should demonstrate different genres or gameplay styles, highlighting the flexibility and versatility of the engine. These games will serve as practical examples of the engine’s usability and potential for future game development.


A Comprehensive documentation that provides developers, both internal and external, with clear and accessible information on using the game engine, including installation instructions, API references, code samples, and best practices for leveraging the engine’s features effectively. It should serve as a valuable resource for anyone interested in working with the game engine.


Date Started


Line of code (Engine)


Line of code (Game)

Future plan

More Coming in the future!