Your Mixed Reality Coach

This study explores the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Mixed Reality (MR) technologies to develop a gamified, collaborative learning platform that enhances online learning engagement and accessibility. The project culminates in a cross-platform MR application that offers virtual coaching, with a particular emphasis on facilitating hands-on experience in play- ing the mahjong game. The application comprises two primary elements: a Virtual Reality (VR) museum with an AI-driven chatbot assistant setting, and an MR collaborative learning space. In the VR museum, the AI Voice Chatbot delivers real-time feedback and assistance, enriching the educational experience through immersive interaction. The MR environment supports real-time collaboration among users, focusing on the synchronisation of networked mahjong tiles and finger movements to replicate a tangible experience closely. Developed on the Unity engine, this application is optimised for the Meta Quest headset series and tested on the HTC Vive headset. It integrates Photon Unity Networking (PUN 2) and Photon Voice packages to enable multi-user interaction and voice communication. The inclusion of model libraries from Hugging Face enables the virtual verbal assistance capabilities. The development process successfully met the project objectives, showcasing potential benefits in remote learning scenarios.

About Project Team

Supervised by Dr. Kenneth K.Y. Wong

Developed by Chun Wing Yee & Tsoi Ki Fu