Web Development

What we offer

Our platform offers a wide array of courses that allow you to progressively learn and master web development


Acquire the fundamentals of HTML, including common tags, forms and inputs, video and audio elements, as well as semantic tags


Learn fundamental knowledge and styles in CSS, including common styles, the box model, flexbox, transitions, animations, and more


Understand the connections between JS, ECMAScript, and various runtimes

Learn how the V8 engine collaborates with Web APIs, Event Loops, Microtask Queue, and Task Queues to facilitate JS’s asynchronous features


Acquire the skills to construct webpages from the ground up and manage the local state of variables using React hooks

Include user authentication and authorization in React apps


Understand why setting up a local server is necessary and the fundamentals of requests and responses

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HTML course

Allow you to master web development in a effortless manner

What make the platform stands out

Unique features that you will not find on other learning websites

Modular Learning

Each essential skillset of web development is structured into a separate course. Within each course, the content is divided into chapters, allowing you to learn step-by-step in a sequence that follows the order of readiness.

Live Code Editing

Live code editors are embedded within each course, enabling you to view the output of the code in real-time. You have the flexibility to alter the code and instantly observe the results of your modifications.

Audio-guided Courses

Each chapter of a course comes with an accompanying audio track. You can play the track to listen to the narration as you learn.

As the audio progresses, the keyword being read out will be highlighted in real-time on the screen.

Customizable Courses

All courses are fully customizable, enabling educators to create and publish their own courses. The course editor provides various tools and components to ensure that your course is aesthetically pleasing.

Learn Web Dev in an interactive way through simple words and organized manner.

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