1. Project Title

CEVAS (Course Evaluation Service)

2. Supervisor

Dr. Yu Tao

3. Students

  • Kwon Yong Hyun 3035555626
  • Choi Jungan 3035729423

4. About CEVAS

The goal of this project is to create a user-friendly system for students to evaluate university courses. It focuses on visualizing important information like grading criteria and review distributions, so students can make informed decisions. CEVAS is an interface where students can easily search for courses, access details like descriptions and prerequisites, view ratings and reviews from other students, and identify trends. It also allows students to leave their own reviews and contribute to the learning community.  Moreover, it includes a smart scheduler that allows students to find courses avoiding time conflicts, as well as an AI-powered search engine for students to filter courses based on different metrics such as workload and difficulty. Overall, it aims to provide a comprehensive and informative way for students to review courses and make well-informed academic choices.

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