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Tech Stack – JAM Stack

Frontend framework – Svelte

We decided to use Svelte as our front-end framework, as it provides a more approachable development experience, smaller application bundles, and better performance (MDN contributors, 2023). Moreover it is a newer framework compared with React.


Here are the list of tech stack for our back-end:

  • Server-side logic: AWS Lambda
  • Database: firebase firestore
  • Authentication: firebase authentication (easy to set up)
  • Hosting & Development: Netlify
  • CI/CD: netlify, github

AWS Lambda is a versatile service for handling server-side logic in a serverless architecture, it supports third party database hosting which we will use Netlify to host website. Netlify is good for hosting JAMstack application including website built with Svelte, It offers seamless integration with continuous deployment and serverless functions, simplifying the deployment process, it also support a separated hosting database which we will use the firebase DB, and we will further use the easily-setup firebase authentication for our authentication.