– how the project is going to be implemented –

Literature Review

Identify key concepts, algorithms, and methods used in previous research to understand the current state of knowledge in the field.

Analyze and summarize findings from the literature review to identify gaps and areas for further research.

Theoretical Framework​

Develop a theoretical framework covering fundamental concepts and mathematical models related to online stochastic matching and sample complexity. Familiarize with key theoretical tools and techniques such as concentration inequalities, probability theory, and online algorithmic analysis.

Identify and understand existing sample complexity bounds for online stochastic matching. Explore potential ways to refine and improve the sample complexity bound by applying statistical knowledge and mathematical proofs.

Documentation and Reporting

Document the research process, including the steps taken, methodologies employed, and any challenges or limitations encountered.

Organize and present the findings, including the refined sample complexity bound, in a structured and coherent manner.

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