VR Gamification of Open World Games

ZHI Weichen

Supervised by Dr.Loretta Choi


This project aims to bring out a simple VR game that implements interactive game logic and applies computer graphcs techniques.

Application Features

Character Control

Grabbing Object

Attacking Enemy

Interation with the world

Enemy Behavior Modeling

Water Simulation

Spherical World Effect


Shader Graph


C# Scripts

Unity Components

Unity Engine

Enemy Modeling: FSM

This project applies the method of finite state machine to model the behavior of the enemy.

Fig. 1 Finite State Machine with Enemy Behavior States

Visual Effect: Shaders

This project implements a spherical world effect and a simulation to real water, both of which are done by using shaders

Fig. 2 Spherical Vertex Mapping with Example
Fig. 3 Water Simulation with Vertex Displacement and Normal Mapping