“A mobile application for navigating HKU visitors with computer vision” aims to enhance visitors’ experience at the University of Hong Kong.

Navigation challenges and getting lost on campus are common issues, particularly for the increasing number of visitors and first-year students. Traditional GPS systems are not reliable for indoor positioning, which further complicates the task of recognizing one’s current location for visitors at HKU. With the advancements in computer vision technology and the trend of computer vision applications, it emerges as a promising solution for indoor positioning among various available methods.

We believe that by leveraging the power of computer vision technologies, the application provides visitors with an effective and convenient way to navigate the campus and discover points of interest. With the use of computer vision, buildings and landmarks can be recognized and visitors’ location can be predicted in real-time indoor surroundings, making it easier to navigate and explore. This innovative application combines the convenience of mobile technology with the power of computer vision to create a seamless and engaging visitor experience at HKU.


Below are the video and poster that give you a brief image of the project, including motivation, methodologies, and outcomes.

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