Progress and Milestones

PeriodWork DescriptionProgress
Sep - Oct
  • Analyse different proposed ideas’ feasibility and effectiveness
  • Research and literature review of computer vision-based localization
  • Design interface for Mobile application
Oct - Nov
  • Collect data in Main Building (1st floor)
  • Research in different image classification/ object detection machine learning model
  • Construct mobile application
  • Data processing (image labelling, mapping)
Nov - Dec
  • Build and train shortlisted machine model
  • Perform hyperparameter tuning for each model
  • Evaluate and select model with best performance
Dec - Jan
  • Prepare interim report and presentation
  • Prepare rough demo for interim presentation
Jan - Feb
  • Compare and select appropriate path searching algorithm
  • Expand model dataset
  • Evaluate extensive use of GPT4 on vision-based localization
  • Fine tuning the model
Feb - Mar
  • Debug and improve mobile application
  • Integrate navigation mechanism to mobile application
  • Retrain model with expanded dataset
  • Perform user testing
Mar - Apr
  • Prepare final report
  • Source code cleanup
  • Prepare PowerPoint and Demo/Demo Video for final presentation
  • Prepare for the project exhibition and project competition