Your Personalized Career Consulting System

Project Information

Our project, UniLife, aims to develop a Personalized Career Consulting System (PCCS) to assist university students in navigating their career paths. The PCCS consists of three core components: a conversation system, a recommendation system, and a path generation system. 

The conversation system interacts with students to gather information about their interests, abilities, resources, and career goals. This information is then used by the recommendation system to suggest potential career that align with the student’s profile. The path generation system visualizes the proposed career paths, providing a detailed timeline that includes key career milestones and deadlines.

The PCCS is designed to provide personalized career guidance from the earliest stages of university life, helping students shape a clear vision for their future. By offering a clear, actionable roadmap to career success, UniLife aims to reduce uncertainty and enable students to make informed and strategic decisions about their future.


Professor Kao, Benjamin C.M.,


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