Project Timeline
Phase 1: Project Planning and Design (October 2023)
Week 1Research on job recommendation systems and natural language processing models
Week 2Finalization of detailed project plan and strategy
Week 3Design of system architecture and components
Week 4Collection of Necessary Data
Phase 2: System Development and Implementation (November 2023 – February 2024)
Week 1-4Development of the conversation system
Week 5-8Development of the recommendation system
Week 9-12Development of the path generation system
Week 13-16Development of web interface
Phase 3: Testing, Evaluation and Refinement (March 2024)
Week 1Integration testing of all system components
Week 2Conducting user experience surveys and system evaluation
Week 3Refinement of system based on user feedback and evaluation results
Week 4Final system testing and preparation for project exhibition
Phase 4: Documentation and Project Exhibition (April 2024)
Week 1Completion of final report and system documentation
Week 2Preparation for project exhibition
Week 3Project exhibition