A football application with Machine Learning


In the ever-evolving world of football, with enormous passion from millions of fans across the globe, there is a growing demand for convenient yet comprehensive access to football data. Hence, a variety of mobile applications have been developed in the past decade. This project aims to create a mobile app – KickInsights, to further elevate fans’ football experience by tackling the common inefficiencies of current mobile application alternatives and implementing a game-changing match prediction system by leveraging the power of machine learning.


KickInsights is a brand-new mobile app that brings comprehensive football data onto mobile devices. Football enthusiasts will no longer need to access in-depth statistics via personal computers, or by going through time-consuming and repetitive navigation on web browsers.
The app also allows users to extract insights from the data provided via interfaces for statistical comparison. To enhance data utilization, an interactive match prediction system has been developed, where users can build, train, evaluate their machine learning models, and even publish them to the app community.

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