Courses registration system

The Courses Registration System consists of a Portal (Figure 1a) that displays a list of courses for which the player can register. However, the player is not allowed to proceed if he/she chooses more than six courses or fewer than four courses per semester (Figure 1b). If there is time conflict between the selected courses, the player must rearrange the timetable (Figure 1c).

Figure 1a. Courses Registration Portal (Courses Selection)

Figure 1b. Courses Registration Portal (Number of Courses)

Figure 1c. Courses Registration Portal (Time Crush)

After the player successfully registers for courses, a weekly schedule with corresponding course timetables will be generated (Figure 2a). During their free time, the player can also revise the registered courses and gain proficiency in each course (Figure 2b). The ultimate purpose of gaining proficiency is to attain good academic results. At the end of the semester, the player will take the final examinations, and the grades will be determined based on his/her proficiency in each course (Figure 3).

Figure 2a. Daily Routine Loop (Lessons)

Figure 2b. Daily Routine Loop (Revision)

Figure 3. Transcript