Gaming Elements

Gaming Elements are mechanisms that make up the game. They are crucial because they ensure that the game is entertaining and attractive for players.

The first gaming element is the goal. The primary objective of the game is completion of university education. Concurrently, players have the opportunity to achieve various accolades, such as becoming a member of the student committee, attaining First-Class Honors, or participating in study abroad programs. Moreover, players are empowered to establish their own personal life goals based on their individual preferences and interests, such as pursuing advanced studies, authoring books, relocating to foreign countries, or embarking on career paths outside their chosen field. The pursuit of these goals ultimately leads to divergent story outcomes.

The second gaming element is reward. Rewards play a crucial role in motivating players to engage with the game. Academic investment is rewarded with a favorable grade point average (GPA), which, in turn, grants access to scholarships and superior internship opportunities. Similarly, investing time in engaging with the university community allows players to cultivate valuable networks and exert influence. Furthermore, players can acquire special memories or attributes by making distinct choices throughout the game. This sense of accomplishment serves as a catalyst for sustaining players’ interest and commitment. The registration day in the story is designed to offer players a good first level experience, in which the players can easily choose their desired extracurricular activities and welcoming events. This provides them with initial motivation to continue the game.

The third gaming element is immersion and presence. The game’s remarkable adaptability engenders a profound sense of immersion, enabling players to genuinely experience the intricate tapestry of university life. This is achieved through the integration of diverse systems and the provision of map exploration, mirroring the multifaceted aspects of real-world university environments. Additionally, the game incorporates course simulation systems that strive to heighten fidelity by faithfully replicating academic experience. The inclusion of multiple storylines and endings accentuates the significance of players’ decisions, fostering an enhanced level of immersion and engrossment in the game.