daily routine

Daily Routine refers to the player’s weekly schedule. Each Semester consists of 14 weeks and each week consists of 7 days. If the player does not have any lesson on a certain day, that day will be considered as a day-off and players can choose their own schedule (Figure 1).

Inside the game, the player can choose the mode of life. Different modes of lifes provide different effects and allocation of free time (Table 1), and player has to apply strategies to attain desired achievements.

Figure 1. Daily Routine (Day-off)

Table 1. Modes of Life Description for players

Modes of LifeEffectsAllocation of free time in terms of probability
Study Mode-You attend all the lessons by default -You lose the chances to know the existence of school activities (Occurence of Random School Events=0%).  70% Studying 20% Resting 10% Reading”
Socializing Mode-Your are able to grab every chance to meet new friends (Occurence of Random hanging out events become 100%) -Your may skip some lessons randomly (Chances of Skipping Lessons=25%)   30% Studying 20% Resting 50% Spending time with friends”
Exploration Mode– You are able to grab every chance to know the existance of school activities -Your may skip some lessons randomly (Chances of Skipping Lessons=35%)  30% Studying 10% Resting 60% Exploring the school”
Beauty Mode-You do make-up every morning by default(Appearnce +20 under this mode) -Your studying efficiency is lowered(Productivity -10)  50% Studying 20% Resting 30% Buying Clothes/Cosmetics
Health Mode-You sleeping before 12 am by default. -You do exercises everyday. -Free Time is less.  -50% Studying -30% Resting -20% Doing Exercises”
Philosopher Mode-You think about philosophical ideas everyday. -Your studying efficiency is lowered(Productivity -10)  50% Studying 10% Resting 40% Reading/Thinking”
Emotions Mode-You are a deep feeler. -Your studying efficiency is lowered(Productivity -15)50% Studying/Doing Assignments 10% Resting 40% Feeling Emotions/ Reading Novels/ Writing  
Motivations Mode-You are able to grab every chance for career. (Occurence of Random career events become 100%) -Your health is lowered  60% Studying 5% Resting 35% Case Competitions/Career Seeking/ Building CV”

In Figure 2, the player skips the lesson because the exploration mode is chosen and there is a 30% probability of skipping the lesson. The player can easily adjust the mode of life at any time in the menu (Figure 3); the effects of the adjusted mode will be demonstrated on the next day in the schedule.

Figure 2. Daily Routine (Random events)

Figure 3. Character Menu (Modes of Daily Life)